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Holiday Park Rules

Do’s and Don’ts for Holiday Home Owners

The following rules for the holiday homes are designed for safety and to help everyone enjoy the park. The list below is by no means complete and we would hope that all owners and visitors to the parks would use common sense where necessary.

Where these rules give us discretion, we will always exercise it reasonably.

  • The holiday home owner is responsible for the cleanliness and condition of their holiday home and the pitch. Underneath the holiday home must be kept clear and tidy. Grass around the holiday home must be kept short. Garden rubbish must be placed in the skip provided for this purpose. Please make use of the recycling bins available as indicated.
  • Anyone wanting a shed, gas bottle cupboard, verandas or steps, must have their size and construction approved, in writing by the management, before installation. Fence panels are not permitted.
  • Holiday homes may only be used by their owners, immediate family and close friends. The office must be notified of use by persons other than the owner. No-sub letting to other persons is allowed. Our holiday parks are designed for holiday use. You are not permitted to live in a holiday home as your only or main permanent residence, our site licence with the local authority and your agreement with us preclude this. All sales or transfers of ownership of holiday homes must be conducted through the park office.
  • All owners are responsible for ensuring that both gas and electrical installations are not altered in any way. It is essential that all gas appliances are serviced once a year and this must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This can be arranged on your behalf should you require. If not already fitted, we recommend the installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for your safety.
  • We, as a part of our service, drain down all holiday homes wherever possible, providing we have access to your holiday home and the underside at the end of the season.
  • No oil filled radiators, electric fires or fan heaters will be permitted under any circumstances for use in heating holiday homes. Panel radiators are available from various sources and should not exceed 200 watts, these will be allowed (maximum 2) for heating or alternatively, one convector (maximum 500 watts). No other high wattage electrical appliance which could cause overloading to the underground service is permitted.
  • Speed limits must be observed when driving vehicles on the park. ONE passenger carrying car may be parked next to the holiday home, an additional passenger carrying car must be placed in the designated car park area unless permission has been given otherwise. Motorhomes, caravans and other vehicles or cars will only be permitted to park on site subject to the managements written approval and may incur additional costs. In adverse weather conditions cars must not be taken onto the grass if likely to cause damage. Damage will incur repair charges. All vehicles on the park must be taxed, insured and comply with normal road laws. Other than authorized trades people commercial vehicles are not permitted on the park, we do not allow any business enterprises to be conducted on the parks. Vehicles may not be left on the park unless the owner of the vehicle is using their holiday home or has had prior agreement in writing by the park manager.
  • Children or adults should not ride bicycles around the park or car parking areas to the annoyance of other park users.
  • Only clip-on washing racks are permitted on the park.
  • One pet per home may be permitted, additional pets may be allowed with the managers written permission. Dogs must be kept on a lead and all pets kept under proper control at all times and not allowed to foul the park.
  • Games should not be played between holiday homes or at the annoyance of others. Apart from very busy times, there are open spaces available for games.
  • The holiday home owner is responsible for the conduct of their visitors whilst on the park.
  • The water supply is metered, therefore, no hoses, outside taps or washing machines are allowed.
  • We are only able to supply gas during office hours.
  • Except during adverse weather conditions (please see rule 7), the area of grass on the door side of your holiday home is for your own use and parking. (As opposed to half each side of the home).