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We have done it!

Quex park awarded Bellamy ‘Home sweet home’ award.

We have enjoyed taking part in the ‘Home Sweet Home’ challenge at Quex Holiday Park over the past year and are pleased to say we have earned our challenge badge. We are already looking forward to planning and submitting ideas for our chosen 2023 challenge over the coming weeks.

It has been evident for a long time now how beneficial the grass set aside areas are to wildlife and we have embraced this even further this season with two more substantial locations. One of those contains a picnic area with benches and the other has a Jubilee themed insect hotel surrounded with pollinator plants.

To help us gain our ‘Home Sweet Home’ challenge badge this season we have also sited six handmade bird boxes and rolled out our ‘Adopt a Hedgehog Home’ scheme (as we have on our other two parks). In addition to this we have made a new water feature and created a new eco plot. This now has an abundance of wildflowers, as well as an insect hotel, a wildlife water point plus a log habitat. Quex Park has also seen the addition of three new trees to commemorate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee; a malus, prunus and rowan.

Our projects are now marked with signs made from recycled materials and carry a QR code which can be scanned to take customers to a designated web page for interpretation and information.

We continue to run our park with conservation in mind and keep to good practices such as recycling, and using peat free compost. We try to buy plants from a local grower (less than a mile from the park), refrain from using pesticides/herbicides and plant more native perennial plants.